Monday, January 6, 2014

Cat War 2 Walkthrough

Cat War 2 - a game product by the West River Software.

This is a quick walkthrough of this game (if you don't want to pay like me).

First, i have to say Cat War 2 is a well designed Hero Tower Defense Game, as compared to the Brave Heroes, both Heroes and the troops play important roles in the war against the enemies (and hence, they have to be upgraded as well from time to time).

Goddess of Life casts spell of healing to all nearby allies

From the perspective of Heroes, i personally favor the original Duncan (Greatspear Fighter) and the Vivian (Goddess of Life). The former have the special skill of cleaving attack, effectively strike the enemy armies. While the later has the ability to heal the allies, giving them extra time to hit and defend (this is especially crucial when playing the Boss Mode, as the Duncan can survive much longer).

Then, the troop unit. After unlocking the flying Hera unit at around Stages 30+, i discover that he is a very special type. Hera effectively strikes the ground units with the range attack, while avoiding the counter attack from the melee enemies. Most of the time, after my Duncan Hero has been killed, i will summon Vivian accompanying with the troops of Hera to attack the enemies. So, no doubt, upgrading Hera is my first priority.

Basically, items play the MOST CRITICAL role in the overall game play. Since the items like ATTACK attribute increase, HP attribute increase, RESOURCE and MOVE SPEED increase affect All the units, purchasing the items is an effective alternative in case your heroes or the troops levels are too low, else you may end up consuming more than 15 mins per game play, as shown below:

around 20 mins without using any item on stage 46. Ouch!

The only way to earn more Gem / Diamond resources, is to 'repetitively' play the first stage (15 Gems per around 40 seconds). I know this is slow. But it is the only FREE approach here.....

Overall i love this game. Just that i may stop by 40+ stages with FREE play. Otherwise, it may take like weeks to gain sufficient resources (to upgrade the troops) to play the subsequent stages.

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