Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Monopoly Deal Card Game VS Monopoly Millionaire Deal Card Game

Recently i have published the game Monopoly Millionaire Deal Mini, a game mimicking the original Monopoly Millionaire Deal Card Game.

The thing is, i am taking for granted that most of the players know this game well, including the cards and the rules, until i receive 1-star ratings these few days... Ouch...

Alright, this post is to tell what are the differences between this 2 card games: Monopoly Deal VS Monopoly Millionaire Deal. And to emphasize, these 2 card games are different from the original 'Monopoly Millionaire' (without a 'deal') in which you are playing with dice.

Here's the table: *Images are obtained from search engine
Monopoly Deal Card GameMonopoly Millionaire Deal Card Game
How to Win?Own 3 sets of property cards on the tableOwn $1 Million of cash on the table
Total Cards106 + 4 rule cards106 + 4 rule cards
Card differences
  • Has House + Hotel Action cards
  • Has Cash Values on Action cards
  • Cash cards range from 1M to 10M
  • No Gold Properties
  • No Race Ahead Action card
  • No House + Hotel Action cards
  • No Cash Values on Action cards
  • Cash cards are either $50k or $100k
  • Has Gold Properties + Rent
  • Has Race Ahead Action cards

Basically, the rules of these 2 card games are almost the same - Request the Rents from your opponents, perform Actions (eg: swap, sly, deal breaker, birthday, etc) on your opponents. Just that, the prerequisite to win is different. One is owning properties and another one is accumulating sufficient cash.

With this understanding, hope you won't mess up with the original Monopoly Millionaire game.

I have published both the card games. You may try it out and give some feedback.

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