Saturday, April 5, 2014

What is the Puzzle Game 2048 about? And how to solve it?

Recently, there is another game going viral like flappy bird - 2048. Going viral in terms of not only the number of downloads (and players), but also the number of clones in the play store!

So the details of the Puzzle Game 2048 (browser-based game + source code) are stated here.

Basically, with just swiping (moving Up, Down, Left, Right), you need to form a tile with a number 2048 inside in the end. Throughout the game, tiles are generated and placed at the random places. Only the tiles with the similar numbers are able to combine (eg: 2 + 2, 4 + 4, 6 + 6....). In short, sum the number in your tiles to generate 2048.

The control is as simple as the flappy bird. BUT, to win the game (forming 2048), it is as hard as the flappy bird as well. I only manage to have a first winning after playing for 5 times.

Alright, the main point, how to solve 2048?

First, this game contains the element of luck. If the tiles generated are unfortunately placed hindering your tiles movements, that would impact your winning probability.

The tiles with the higher numbers are cornered.

However, secondly, there is an approach to increase your chance of solving it.
  • Although you have four types of movement (Up, Down, Left, Right), usually you only need 2 or 3 movements throughout to consistently corner the tiles with the highest number (as observed in the picture). Here, i prefer to place the highest number at the left bottom, such that i mostly swipe with Down, Left, and Right. Stick to this from the beginning unless there is no possible move then only swipe Up.
  • Also, try to ensure that the tiles around the cornered tile are having high numbers as well (easier to combine subsequently).
  • From the points above, beware that when you try to move to Right, there is a slight possibility that the tiles at the bottom are combined + a miserable tile generated on your bottom left. That would screw your game sometimes.

That's it. lol. With some practice, you would be able to solve the game 2048 based on the points above~

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