Saturday, August 3, 2013

How to create Android Games?

The increasing availability and the accessibility of the mobile devices (such as iOS and Android tablets and smartphones) in the market have made the games industry much more thriving and competitive than ever. Even Windows (and now Firefox OS as well), realizing the tremendous potential of the mobile games industry, come into play to grab some pieces of the cake.

Here, at the time of writing, the popular game platforms are iOS or Android. Specifically, I would focus on Android Games in this blog. Feel free to leave comments if you find there is any typo.

Right, back to the question: How to create Android Games?

Precisely, it is to ask:
Q1. How to create a game which operates in Android OS?
Q2. And then how to publish in the market?

This post would answer the 1st question first. We will come back afterwards.

There are a number of approaches to develop Android Games. Overall, it will add an advantage if you have some programming background. If you don't, no worry as it won't be difficult to pick up. At below I would list down (some of) the "Programming Languages", "Framework", "IDE (Integrated Development Tools)"  required. Most of them have Free trial or Basic Edition for you to have a taste of their tools before you really get your hands wet into it.

Index Programming Language Framework IDE
1 Java Native / LibGDX / AndEngine Eclipse* / Intellij
2 C++ Unity3D / BatteryTech UnIDE
3 Actionscript 3 FlashPunk / Flixel / Starling Adobe CS6 Professional / Flash Builder / Flash Develop
4 Lua Corona LuaGlider / Sublime Text
5 No Programming required - Construct 2(Scirra) / Stencyl / GameMaker
6 HTML5, javascript Intel XDK Modern Browser (eg: Chrome)

  • If you are looking for FREE solutions, creating games in Java would be your first priority. The asterisk (*) shows that the link comes with both Android SDK and the IDE. The framework Libgdx and AndEngine are the open-source projects maintained by passionate developers.

  • However, the paid choices like C++, Actionscript and Lua (paid in terms of the Framework or the IDE) come with more powerful and more stable framework and magics which would facilitate your programming significantly. Moreover, the paid services usually have helpful forums and support to your need whenever necessary. 
Give me a note if you have found something else and i will add it accordingly.

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