Thursday, August 8, 2013

List of Google Play Store alternatives sorted by Alexa Ranking

Once you know the importance of the Google Play Store alternatives, you must be impatient to know what are the lists of the alternatives available. A quick search from the Google and Wiki could provide you the answers. Here are some of the app stores listed down according to the Alexa Traffic Ranking at the time of writing:

Index App Store Alexa Ranking
1 Amazon Appstore 6
2 Opera Mobile Store 1137
3 Appbrain 9861
4 Samsung App Store 24680
5 Getjar 27146
Baidu Store 5
Taobao Store 10
Appchina 7559
Wandoujia 7669
10  Tencent myapp 21495

  • The Alexa Traffic Ranking is assessed based on the 'domain name' instead of the App Store. Hence, the ranking of the already-popular sites such as Amazon, Opera, Baidu, etc might be a bit misleading. However, since they have a strong and resourceful background, their future prospect could be optimistic.
  • The market in China is potentially huge. If you are able to translate your games / apps into Mandarin, you might want to penetrate into the Chinese markets.
  • Here shows another clean list of the Google Play Store alternatives apart from the Wiki.

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