Saturday, August 10, 2013

Quoridor Board Game is in the Google Play Store now

Yeah, after several weeks of hard work, I manage to come up with a unique Android game published in the Google Play Store - Quoridor Board Game.

Quoridor Board Game Icon

Quoridor is a turned-based strategy game. It can be played by 2 players or 4 players (However, I only enabled 2-player-mode at the moment). Let's briefly brush up the rules of this game:

a) The Quoridor board consists of 9 x 9 tiles (squares)
b) In the 2-player-mode, each player (represented by a pawn) is placed at the end (and center) of each side facing each other.
c) To win this game, you have to move your pawn to the either tile at the opposite site.
d) In each turn, you are allowed to move your pawn or to place a wall (in order to block your opponent or to block a potential block)
e) The pawn is only allowed to move 1 step, except when you are face to face with your opponent.
f) The wall is not allowed to cause a dead end to both players.

Feel free to enjoy the game and give comments~

  • An AI-mode is added into the game. At the moment, the computer AI (oops, is mobile device AI) is a bit dummy. I will further improve the game if there are more than 30 ratings. :)
  • To move a pawn or a wall, you have to TOUCH and DRAG at the same time.
  • To abandon moving a pawn, you can place the pawn back to the original location.
  • To abandon moving a wall, you can drag it to the drop zone on the right side.

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