Monday, February 10, 2014

Is Facebook still a popular social network platform?

I admit that this post has little to do about creating Android games. Rather, it is more on the Social Network - Facebook, one of the crucial elements in the Games Development Ecosystem.

 Recently, Facebook celebrates his 10th anniversary. Undoubtedly, it is one of the major Social Network platform at which people are sharing daily information. However, there are predictions from a number of commentators that Facebook would lose ground and disappear in 5 or 10 years, being on the moribund journey.

Whether the Facebook would be doomed, or would reach another pinnacle in the future, there is one thing to point out, from my personal experience.

As a Facebook user of around 7 years, I would admit that, the way that i am using Facebook, is much different from what i have been used to over the last few years. In short, I am getting much more passive nowadays.

7 years ago, when i signed into Facebook, i was easily hooked on the mini games, although they are just animation-less text-based one. It is exciting to see your friends joining the game as the more networks you have, the more advantages you will obtain (that's the typical design of the game). Moreover, i could update my status daily, or like and reply others' status on the pretty much trivial things, such as "Happy Holiday", "Screw the exam", etc. The feeling that you are 'connected' is indeed a fresh and exciting experience...

However, today, yes i am still surfing Facebook daily, or once in 2 days. But the thing is, i am turning on Facebook JUST to view the photos/pictures and the latest news (celebrities, sports, etc). The news from the FB, though sometimes are not from the mainstreams media (and not fully authenticated), are most of the time raw (1st hand), unfiltered and more transparent. Furthermore, i really favors some of the pages containing and updating the pictures of my idols and the celebrities.

BUT, when coming to my own social network, i am not that active anymore. Wishing every single friend 'Birthday wish'? Replying to the random friends saying "Yes! I am so happy today!"? Responding to every single game request spam from your friends? Please, it is killing me. Gradually i start to unfollow or even unfriend a number of 'friends' on FB. Be honest, the last upload of my personal photo was months ago...

One more thing that discouraged me from using FB is that, i observe that not many people are sharing the 'genuine' information of their own. While Mark Zuckerberg claimed that people want to 'stay connected' with the world, he doesn't know people has LOTS more to be hidden from the world. When you realize that FB isn't that real (or am i actually expecting too much?), it isn't that fun anymore.

I am not another anti-Facebook user. Just that I am using Facebook in a much different way than i have been used to. I am sure that i am not the only one.

Now back to the main question - Would such a 'behavioral change' affects the Facebook dominating status as a social network platform? If yes, then to what extent would the impact reach?


  1. In Brazil people is using Facebook in a weired way. Just sharing nonsense and commenting on them. I am sick of it too.

    1. Thanks for your sharing.

      The role and value of Facebook are just fading away.... And we can't really share something too genuine (to avoid being stalked). The same seems to apply to any social network platform.

      Now i just take it as a source of latest news.