Sunday, February 9, 2014

Monopoly Deal Card Game - VS 2 Computers Mode

In my last update of the Monopoly Deal Mini Card Game (Minipoly Deal), i have added a new mode: VS 2 Computers.

Undoubtedly, the original Monopoly Deal Card Game is meant for 2-5 players. So, basically, the more merrier, as it adds more variations into the game play. For example, there are some Action cards designed to request money from all the other opponents (eg: Birthday card, dual-color Rent cards). It is more effective to use those cards when playing with multiple players.

However, as mentioned last time, it is challenging to accommodate too much players within the small mobile devices. Here, i only added 2 computer bots in the latest Minipoly Deal, which i think it can be considered 'multi-player mode' to some extent.

From the picture shown, the P2 and P3 are the computers. The game play is still the same as the 'VS 1 computer' mode. One thing to note is that, the attack-single-player Action cards, such as Debt Collector, Sly Deal, Deal Breaker, Rainbow Rent Card are ONLY VALID if they are dragged on the computers' region.

Overall, the game play is slightly tougher compared to the VS 1 computer mode. The thing is, the computers are 'NOT' conspiring to attack the player. They follow some 'trends' when using the Action Cards. :)

Kindly drop some feedback to improve the game. Your suggestions are highly appreciated.

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  1. Hi there!

    Great job :)

    I am working on same project now! Would welcome any feedback from your side :)