Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Adobe AIR 4.0: Why do you need to upgrade?

Recently, the Adobe AIR has a major update to 4.0. It was supposed to be a very exciting news along with its useful new features. However, since the latest update of my games (and apps), i noticed that there is a significant increase in the stats of uninstall rates. This affects all my games such as Minipoly Deal, Running Man Quiz, Guess Car Brands, Quoridor, etc. Then, i was bombarded with a number of emails acknowledging me about the worry of 'installing another Adobe AIR 4.0'. It is mistaken as an intrusive plug-in that might damage the smartphones...

Hence, i think there is a dire need to raise the concern by writing this post, in order to comfort all the users and the would-be players of my games - Adobe AIR is a runtime system that enables the packaging of the codes into native applications. It is a requirement for the mobile platforms to play the games developed through Adobe Flash. And the Adobe AIR 4.0 has made the games/apps compatible with the latest iOS 7 and the Android 4.4 (KitKat). The details of the change log is here.

The thing that intrigues the users is that, unlike the previous updates, the Adobe AIR 4.0 has been made compulsory to be installed as an another app separately. This 'additional' action keeps the users away, as they fear that it might be harmful.

In order to further convince that Adobe AIR 4.0 isn't a detrimental app, I would like to emphasize that, it is only a one-time installation. With it, you would be able to play other games made by Adobe Flash. Furthermore, the Adobe AIR 4.0 has made the game package size much smaller compared with the previous versions. It is in fact a great advance after the updates.

Then you might be asking - Why other games don't require this? It is simply a matter of Games tools selection. As mentioned in my previous post, Adobe AIR AS3 comes with powerful framework which enables the game creation in a very productive way. That's it.

I hope you would at least feel relieved after reading this.

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