Thursday, March 6, 2014

Caveboy Escape Game Walkthrough 1

Recently a friend of mine introduced a new game to me: Caveboy Escape. After playing for a while, i decide to write down the game's walkthrough.

The Caveboy Escape is a puzzle-solving game. In every level and stage, you have to guide the Caveboy to escape to the destination. The number of stars rewarded depends on how quick you overcome them.

I am personally impressed by the new ideas - The caveboy has to pass through a multiple of 3 steps before escaping. The 3-step has to be on the identical tiles. With this, it can be served as a time-killer easily.

However, i have to say - the number of puzzles are way too much, and monotonous. In each stage of the Caveboy Escape, there are 100 levels, in which there are 3 puzzles each to be solved. When the similar things are repeated too much, it really demotivates you to go further. At some point i am thinking the Caveboy should better stay inside the cave forever (since there isn't any threat in the cave...) Yet, i did actually make myself going through the first and second (solving 150+ levels and unlock the third one (RUINS III) with sufficient stars - 420). So far, the only thing i find out is that, the difficulty level increases with the larger tiles dimension, a.k.a from 6x6 to 7x7 and 8x8. I haven't reached to the FOREST stages as displayed in the Play Store yet, which i think is more interesting as it adds some variations into the game play - Key and Time Potion. More walkthrough details would be added once i have completed more.

Example of simple solution
Example of Longer Path solution

Alright, back to the puzzles solving. The puzzles could be easily solved through Reverse Engineering and Experience. Some levels just require a straightforward L-Shape path to reach the destination. On the other hands, if you find some stages a bit tricky, using reverse engineering (take the destination path as the starting point) would save much of your time. It helps ruling out a lot of possibilities which enable you to see through the maze quickly. And once you are getting used to the trends, your experience would be contributing in your solving ability.

I first thought to post the screenshot solutions of each level, but hesitated after realizing that it would occupy too much spaces... unless you really need it. Feel free to post some comments on the game.

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