Saturday, March 15, 2014

Block Puzzle Walkthrough

Another time killer found - Block Puzzle

*** The name of the game has been recently changed***
*** Hope that the puzzles remain the same***

This tetris-like block puzzles Android game is another interesting time killer, containing MORE THAN 5000 block puzzles! Seriously, it is going to claim weeks to finish this.

The block puzzles are categorized:
  • Novice (500)
  • Normal (500)
  • Expert (500)
  • Novice 2 (500)
  • Normal 2 (500)
  • Expert 2 (500)
  • Bonus (1000)
  • Exceptional (1000)
  • Hardest (1000)
In short, you are required to arrange the blocks into a contained area, through a simple drag and drop, as shown below:
Drag and drop the blocks into the white contained area
As observed, in the Novice mode, there are only 5 blocks (and large one), which are easier to be played around. There are 7 in the Normal mode, while 8 in the Expert Mode.

In the next few posts, i would start posting the Ultimate Puzzle Solutions, especially the Expert Mode. Since it really contains too many levels (and it consumes too much of my time to solve... oops), the solutions would be posted separately.

Last, if you are asking "Is that an intelligent way to solve the block puzzles?"

Hmm... I wouldn't say mine is the best one. But at least it isn't a random trials and errors. Usually, i would attempt placing the largest block (or the block containing the most tiles) as the first. Since the largest block has the least possible places to try, more often than not, it is the fastest to be figured out. And hence, the puzzle can be solved easier if the first piece is confirmed.

OR you may use the Universal Block Puzzle Solver (link provided below) if you have racked your brain but still to no avail.

Anyway, if you are having problems in Novice or Normal modes, kindly drop some messages here so that we would solve them together. :)

1. Go to (Ultimate) Block Puzzle solutions lists to view more solutions.
2. (*NEW*) Go to Universal Block Puzzle Solver if you would like to DIY.


  1. I'm having a hell of a time on normal 150 any help?

    1. Hi Frigin Goon, do you mean Normal 1 Level 150?
      Give me 1-2 days time and i will update you once completed.

    2. after 3 days i finally got it this morning now it seems so obvious but i went through 649 like a breeze and all of a sudden this one stumped me. thanks i'll get a screen shot and post it for anyone that has problems in the future.

    3. haha. Great to hear that you found it. I admit the levels beyond 140 in Normal mode are getting more complicated. Me too, has just solved it. Here's the link.

  2. normal 150 solution feel free to use if/when you do decide to do normal guide

  3. I've got all the answers to the novice levels and am part way through the normal 2. I'm more than happy to share so you can post the answers here but don't know how.

    1. Ive also done all of novice 2.

    2. Hi Kate Gillam, thanks for your kindness :)
      I have almost done the the levels as well (might post soon~)
      Feel free to drop some message in case you have difficulties.

  4. Replies
    1. Sure. I will post the solutions for Novice as soon as possible.

    2. Hi Bree 1127, here you go the solution for the Novice 431-440

  5. Do you have any solution for bonus level 288 please?

    1. Hi, since you mention it, i will start posting Block Puzzle Bonus solution soon (in 1 week).

      Meanwhile, if you would like to have a DIY solution, kindly go to this link for the universal block puzzle solver :)

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  7. Legendary Block puzzle . is a game where the player's goal is to place blocks to create and destroy lines on screen both Horizontally and vertically.