Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ultimate Block Puzzle Solver - The Ultimate Cheat that you need

The reason that i stop posting about the Ultimate Block Puzzle solutions is that, recently i have been putting more efforts in creating a universal and ultimate tool to your needs - The Ultimate Block Puzzle Solver. And yes, it is FREE. Furthermore, it applies to ALL block puzzle games that you can find in ANY app store. Pretty Cool huh?

If you understand what does it mean by "teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime", you may straightaway download the tool and use it. This is in fact the ultimate cheat that you need, for your lifetime.

Below shows some tutorials on how to use the Block Puzzle Solver to tackle every single puzzle, as long as you input the correct information.

1. Choose the correct dimension for your puzzle

At the top, you have to choose the correct number of Rows and Columns. As observed, all the puzzles in the Ultimate Block Puzzle fall within the range of 3 to 12 (If you need more, kindly feedback to me). You may simply touch it and go to the "Question" button to have a visualization.

2. Add / Edit blocks

Next, start to add blocks to your puzzle. After touching the Add button, you will notice that there is a 7x7 region for you to draw your blocks, in anyway you want. For example, if you need a vertical block of 4 tiles, you could draw it from any starting point (not necessarily from the top left corner). Furthermore, the design has been made such that you can easily edit the blocks after you have created them (by simply touching it again).

3. Touch the Play button to see the puzzle solutions

If all the information (dimension and blocks) is valid, you will be able to get the puzzle solution after touching the Play button (may take up to 5s). Else, you may edit the dimension or the blocks to rectify the puzzle.

4. Feedback / Rate the app

Kindly rate and feedback to this Ultimate Block Puzzle Solver app if you find it useful. Apart from that, any suggestion and advice on the further customization and improvement is welcomed~


  1. great and useful app though the names for rows and columns and switched as it currently has rows labelled as columns and vice versa

  2. No position of our performance avalable. Way not! I refer to Block Puzzle

  3. Do you plan to increase the 10 block limit? The app is perfect except I have a 13 block puzzle in a 8x8 grid.