Monday, June 16, 2014

Angry Birds Epic Walkthrough

The original elastic Angry Birds has now transformed into the land force warriors - Angry Birds Epic
(It is also available in the iOS)

The Angry Birds Epic features a turn-based RPG game. And the enemies are the greenish pigs again.

Like other RPG games, the Angry Birds are going to defeat the stages in order to conquer the maps. Hence, the design of the battle would determine how far could this game go. Below shows my game play experience so far:

 Each Character has a unique skill determined by the equipments

The main character in the Angry Birds Epic - the Red who has his class determined by the armor: Knight, Guardian, Samurai and etc. He has higher hit points and deal more damage on a single enemy. The yellow Chuck too, can play the role as Mage, Lightning Bird, Rainbird, etc (which deals damage to multiple enemies). Apart from that, i have just unlocked the healing character - Matilda. She is able to cast the healing strike and the healing field which recovers the teammates.

There are more to go. So far i am quite satisfied with these unique abilities.



The Weapons can be enhanced with the resources looted

After defeating each stage in the Angry Birds Epic, you would salvage some resources which are important in crafting and upgrading the weapons. For examples:

Forge: Gloden Anvil, Flotsam, Seashells, Wood, Stones, Cobal Stones
Alchemy (produce potions): Golden Cauldron, Seeds, Shiny Sand, Vials, Water, Bananas, Hot Tomatoes

  • Experience Potion (Double Experience incom for one battle)
  •  Mighty Eagle's Favorite Dish (Defeat All pigs)
  • Banana Juice Rank 1 (Heals for +75)
  • Hot Veggie Cake (Rage Chilli filled by +25%)

To add to the game variations, the developers use the spinning wheel to decide which resources to be obtained. If the players are not satisfied, you can use the "Essence of friendship" (which can be gained through sharing in the Facebook) to re-spin.

In order to loot more resources, you may just play the related stages again and again. After all, the stages would be easier when you have higher levels and more characters.

 The Battle experiences vary

 Each character in the Angry Birds Epic can choose to attack, activate self passive ability to either himself or the others. To know more about the enemy, you may just tap and hold it.

Then, when the Rage Chilli is filled up, you can unleash the characters' super power by dragging it to the specific hero. Depending on the enemies, sometimes you may need to choose defending first before the attack (to incur less damages). The damages incurred will determine how much resources looted in the end.

***Don't forget to use Chili on the healing character Matilda. She will heal all the members. This is critical to gain 3 stars for a battle.

One more thing, in this Angry Birds Epic, using potions DOES NOT count as one move.

Edited: In the latest update, it has been made such that each Hero can only use 1 healing potion per round (although it is 'still' not considered as 1 move). Previously i have mentioned that you can use infinite potions to recover the HP of your Heroes 'just before' you defeat the enemies (in order to obtain 3 stars). Now this approach isn't that effective. Instead, you may use the character Matilda (+ Chili) to achieve this.

Now i have unlocked the Black Angry Bird. But from the observation, the Battles in the Angry Birds Epic seems to allow the participation of only 3 Heroes. Now among the 4 Angry Birds (Red, Yellow, White and Black), I prefer the first 3 (Red, Yellow, Black).

Red - Focus on the single attack (sometimes his weapons are critical to bash the boss)
Yellow - Focus on the group attack (it is especially crucial when dealing with multiple pigs)
White - Focus on healing + assist attack (In order to gain 3 stars in the battle)

How to allow more Angry Birds to engage the battle? I wish the developer could answer us in the future updates.

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