Saturday, June 7, 2014

Pictologic: Another simple yet addictive game!

Pictologic, another simple yet addictive game like Flappy Bird!

Just last week, I installed this Pictologic game after the friends' recommendation. Be honest, the first few rounds were like "What the xxxx?". If I wasn't fast enough to touch the required tiles/blocks within 10 seconds, the game is OVER. And each round presents a 'simple' puzzle which would reward you one score.

Like Flappy Bird, the game would end very fast (if you are clumsy). There are (i believe) infinite rounds. The length that you reach relies on how swift and consistent you are. The more you play, the more addicted you are...

Alright, the Pictologic game play is so simple. There are 25 tiles in each round of puzzle. You have to touch the specific tile according to the numbers provided. For example (in the picture above), you need to touch 3 tiles in the 3rd column following by 1 tile after a skip (according to the "3 1" number provided.

Yep, the game play is as simple as that. How far can you reach?

So far i manage to get a maximum of 20. But my instinct tells me that practice would make perfect. And i start to learn the possible complexities in the game. I will post another one after making a better achievement. Soon. :)

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