Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bomb Expert Walkthrough

Bomb Expert - another time killer game based on Physics.

Basically the game play of Bomb Expert is intuitive. In every stage, the mission is to prevent the bomb from landing on the ground after clearing a certain number of boxes.

Usually, the bomb is located on piles of boxes at the beginning (a structure). Then, you have to make sure the bomb is not landing (supported by something else) in the end, through some intelligent interactions. Else, it will explode and the game is over. And the star awarded depends on how quickly you solve the puzzle.

Personally, i think this kind of Physics game is quite challenging. To complete the Bomb Expert puzzle, it is to strike a balance between the speed and accuracy. When the stages grow more complicated, you will find that trials and errors are inevitable. The fact is that, as long as the bomb hasn't fallen on the ground, there is still a CHANCE to turn the table at any time! Sometimes a difference of 0.5 second reaction time would determine the rate of success.

This is a valid solution!

With such a myriad of the game play variations, it adds a lot of difficulties to post the solutions of the Bomb Expert game. Currently, I have just reached the 35th stage. I will consider posting some solutions in the future.

But before that, here shows some hints of the Bomb Expert Game:
  • Sometimes the stages do not require the clearing of All boxes. Make sure you count the boxes and the minimum touches properly. Most of the time you can still have your bomb landed on the last box.
  • Consecutively clear the horizontal boxes in some cases. Sometimes the parallel boxes can be cleared almost immediately to maintain the balance of the structure.
  • Touch the Replay button BEFORE the bomb explodes. This will at least save you like 2 seconds to restart the stage :)

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