Saturday, March 29, 2014

Frontline Commando 2 Walkthrough

It has been some time since my last time playing FPS game. Now, i am glad to introduce this mobile game (available both in iOS and Android) - Frontline Commando 2

Be honest, i am really impressed by not only the graphics, but also the awesome game play experience.

Here, I would like to mention that, i only start writing this walkthrough after reaching Level 18, clearing more than 6 Episodes in the Campaign mode and owning the strongest weapons in the menu. However, i didn't spend any real money, simply relying on the in-game-earned cash.

Here's some of the features in this Frontline Commando 2 game:

1. More than 9 Episodes in the Campaign Mode.
There is a storyline out there (but i didn't read it properly, lol). In each episodes, there are more than 5 stages including 1 Boss stage + several Elite stages. The settings vary from one another. I am pretty sure you will get excited immersing yourself in the shooting game. Currently, i stop at Episode 7. Previous stages are playable again (to earn more cash + experience).

2. Four types of upgradeable weapons
Assault, Shotgun, Sniper and Machine Gun. I personally prefer Machine Gun and Sniper, one for short range and another for the long range. In some stages, you might need to horn your sniper skill as it requires a number of 'headshots' attack to earn a third star rating.

3. Upgradeable squads
There are 4 types of squads in the Frontline Commando 2 (a.k.a equipped with different powers) - Grenade, Medkit, Drone, RPG. Seriously, their aids are important especially when you face difficulties in the Boss Mode or Elite Mode. However, you are able to dispatch up to 3 members. Their highest levels are 11. (not sure why it is made in such a way...)

4. PVP mode is available
You are able to play with other players online (but i am not quite sure how it works 'exactly', since the opponents and us are always at the similar positions...). But yes, you earn fame, experience and cash if you win.

Furthermore, there are tips when playing this Frontline Commando 2 game:
  • Combo Kills are critical. Your rewards will turn multiple fold if you are able to get the timing right - killing the enemies without breaking the combos. Sometimes, you might need to discard your squad-mates as they may screw your combos by having the last kill themselves.
  • Destroy the barrels when they are enemies around. The barrels exploded might cause damage to the enemies or even the enemies' vehicles. This is crucial. You might earn several combos as the vehicles would get destroyed along with the enemies on board. (eg: the first boss comes with a vehicle. You may destroy them before he reaches.)
  • Higher levels mean higher hit points. You may increase your level gradually before challenging the harder stages.
In short, Frontline Commando 2 is a great FPS game. JUST sometimes, i couldn't fire properly (not sure what causes this...). Other than that, it is definitely a 5-star game. :)

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